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About Us

Flavormart began its journey in 2009 when it started out as a wholesaler in the food ingredients and tools market. We have expanded ever since to becoming a major wholesaler / distributor in 4 districts with many exclusive products in its sleeves. We also entered into the retail sector in 2017 and now have 5 stores in various locations in northern Kerala. Our strong expertise and contacts in the industry has enabled Flavormart to be placed as a major retailer of food ingredients and tools in the market.

We are really proud to say that Flavormart is the only brand in Kerala in food and ingredient retail industry with more than 10 years of experience and 5+ stores. Flavormart became more popular since it is a one stop destination for all food ingredients and tools customers.

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Vision & Mission

Flavormart is giving strong support to Home baking for commercial sale of cake and confectionary. We define and support a new era of home-based businesses. We satisfy our customers with best & high quality products.

We plan to expand our presence geographically through franchises as well as own stores in all over Kerala and then south India.